Last October, the Chesapeake School Board voted on making changes to the Chesapeake city school district zones. Their unanimous decision, approved two of the four proposals which makes zoning changes for Deep Creek, Great Bridge, Hickory, and Hugo Owens Middle Schools, and Great Bridge, as well as Hickory High Schools which will take effect for the 2018-19 school year. There has been a lot of mixed feedback from the students and parents regarding this matter. Many parents are outraged and some students are very disappointed with the result of the vote. The school board members, however, had to address the under population/ overpopulation problem of the schools in the way they thought would benefit the community. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the schools have the option of staying at the school they originally attended, but will be required to provide their own transportation as the bus routes will reflect the new zone areas. A list of all Chesapeake City School Zones can be found at the link below.