Last night the city council passed a $1.3 billion budget for the 2019 fiscal year. With that came some changes that will affect many of its residents. There was a 10 cent real estate tax increase that will average out to be around $21 more each month for the average homeowner in the city. According to council members, the new budget will include:

$5 million for funding in Norfolk Schools

$1.2 million for restorations to the police department

$1.8 to address the very prevalent flooding issues

$3.5 million to go towards redeveloping three public housing areas near St. Paul's Blvd.

Another $3.8 million will go to the "backlog of aging city vehicles" and $3 million will going to salary increases for city employees. 

This may cause some problems for those that are on a very fixed income budget. However city officials claim that departments within the city "helped balance the budget through $8 million in expense reductions and the elimination of 82 positions".