The budget agreement that threatened government shut down has gone through Congress as a new bill. It provides funding for the government at least until March 23 of 2018. The bill provided plans for disaster relief programs for areas that endured damage from the hurricanes of last year. It also covered the funding of community heath centers and Veterans health care. It is a $2 trillion plan that will allow time for the discussion of more concrete plans and budgeting for the future. It added $27 billion in mitigation and resiliency funds for the National Flood Insurance Program which has been facing the possibility of shutting down all together. The program has a severe lack of funds but has spent an incredible amount of money on the repairs of so many areas that have recently been affected by the catastrophic storms. This agreement has also made $12 billion available under the Community Development Block Grant program to fund the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers flood mitigation projects. The bill goes on to discuss some tax provisions made for the 2017 tax year. It gives deductions or credits for businesses and residential properties if they had done certain energy efficiency improvements and on mortgage insurance premiums. It also included a mortgage debt forgiveness extension that prevents homeowners from getting hit with taxes on debt forgiven by lenders in a modification or foreclosure.!#sf181741769