The U.S. Flood Insurance Program is 'drowning' in debt, pun intended. Because of all of the natural disasters we've had in the last few decades involving flooding, the insurance program that was designed to assist with those occurrences has been overwhelmed with claims. And are now faced with the possibility of discontinuing the program all together. Congress is in the process of trying to find the best solution to alleviate this ongoing problem that is only going to get worse over time. Due to climate changes and increasingly rising sea levels, the flood zones around the country are constantly becoming larger. Coupled with the unexpected phenomenon that catastrophic storms are happening in areas where no one had predicted. They currently owe the U.S. Treasury billions of dollars at this point because the rate of the price of recent damage has superseded the amount of money they are receiving from policy holders. There are a few propositions under discussion to resolve this matter, though nothing specifically has been decided. If something drastic doesn't come into effect, this will greatly influence the housing market as a whole.